Melinda Stonecliffe, LCSW
Therapist & Wellness Coach 

Heal your Life, Create your Joy

Meet Melinda

I am a healer

a deep-sea-dive explorer of the psyche

a guardian of true, loving hearts.

Brady-bunch childhood in Vermont, fueled by religion

flew out West, lost my faith, 

F O U N D   M Y S E L F

This Life-Death-Life cycle continues, even today,

through a marriage and parenthood, trauma, divorce

none of it broke me, I have become stronger for it,

 the evolution of a soul is often messy!

From planting gardens, sitting with shamans,

in meditation and with tools of divination... 

My work is a prayer, my life is a testament that

L O V E   C A N   H E A L   A N Y T H I N G 

find J O Y as we  H E A L  and  C R E A T E

Your best life is waiting

Your task is to claim it

Are you ready?

My Specializations

HEAL from your past, experience JOY in the present,

and CREATE the future you deserve.



Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)


Anxiety & Depression


Verified by Psychology Today

Life Transitions

Bipolar & Borderline

Mind-Body-Soul Connection

What Clients Say

“I’m a psychiatrist with an outpatient practice who has been referring patients to Melinda for therapy for several years.  Whatever she's doing, its working-- I've heard nothing but glowing reviews from people I've sent her way.  Old and young, male and female, across a variety of diagnoses and life issues, she has an ability to connect in a positive way and help people find a better path.” 

Michael Kligman, M.D.


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Tel: (385)202-0071

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