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About Me

I provide client-centered, solutions-focused treatment while using mindfulness training, DBT, and motivational interviewing. I use evidence-based measures to treat addiction, emotional eating, and victims of trauma. The content of my sessions often center around the mind-body connection, nutrition, and self-care as a non-negotiable for well-being. I have held space for deep grieving and lit the path for spiritual awakenings. I’ve spent the majority of my practice working with individuals with addiction issues and co-occurring mental health issues.


I earned my Bachelors in Behavioral Science & Health from the University of Utah in 2004 while simultaneously raising 2 small children and working full-time.  As an office manager at the Utah Institute for Psychotherapy and Training I witnessed pensive patients in the waiting room, saw their faces light up when their therapist opened the door and, by the end of each session, seeing a sense of relief and gratitude as they left. My curiosity for the work happening behind that door, a desire to be a part of that change in countenance, fueled my decision to attend graduate school.

In 2008 I earned my Masters in Social Work with a certificate in International Social Work. My practice is evidence-based, culturally-competent, and trauma-informed.  I enjoy being endlessly engaged in my own education as research in the social sciences grows.  I love connecting my clients to the various books, podcasts and events that inspire me as well!

Education and Certifications

Master of Social Work

University of Utah 2008

Bachelor of Behavioral Science & Health

University of Utah 2004

International Social Work Certificate

University of Utah 2008

Seeking Safety Certified

Trauma-Informed Care Network member

Certified Massage Therapist

Utah College of Massage Therapy graduate 1996

Verified by Psychology Today


Benefits of Telehealth Sessions

○  "It’s cozy! I get to stay in my bed with my cat, a cup of tea and my laptop."

○   "I live in a rural area, so not having to travel all the way into the city for an appointment saves time and money- it's stress-free!

○ "My 9-5 job makes it nearly impossible to have doctor visits during the week, but I can just go to my car and talk to Melinda on my lunchbreak.  So nice ...”


The Telehealth difference:  just as POWERFUL as in-person, the container for

                this work isn't the office, but the therapeutic relationship.

                        No traffic.  No parking.  No stress.

          Experience the comfort & convenience for yourself!

Making the most of Treatment

interview with Family Law Center

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