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art-infused group

On Monday & Friday evenings, I meet with a small courageous group of people willing to take on their mental health and their emotions thru ART-INFUSED therapy.  One evening, at check-in, one woman shared she felt her heart was scattered all over and she needed to do the work to gather the pieces.  This is what I painted for her; birds bringing little bits of her heart in their beaks back to her.  This is compassion, true empathy in action.  Would you like to join our group?

"take your broken heart, make art"

turning the work into PLAY is how we heal our deepest layers with ease

The birthplace of the art you see here are from art-infused therapy sessions that I began when the world was on pause from this crazy pandemic. My clients were missing community, feeling stressed out from uncertainty and looking to me for answers... I leaned in to the unknown (mind you, I had not painted prior to this) and decided, F* it LET’S MAKE ART!

2023 has been a storm of grief; WILD unexpected loss. ART HAS SAVED ME and been a warm welcome home to the deepest part of me. “Take your broken heart and make art” Carrie Fisher once asked us Jedi's-in-training to do.  Here’s my heart, broken and still beating, whimsical and weird.  Thank you for witnessing me.  Come CREATE with me!


The Process

(release judgment, no competition, have FUN!)

Therapy that uses tools like paints, brushes and IMAGINATION is actually often even more effective and efficient than talk therapy (and it's FUN!)

To access the subconscious, we want to be in what Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csîkszentmihalyi (1990) called the flow state. This present tense practice is meant to melt away fear and anxiety and invite your more capable, kind and loving self to this playful space.  This is literally where the magic happens. Art is a powerful teacher. 

The Product

(a few pieces of art by Melinda)

more art by Melinda

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