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Melinda Stonecliffe, LCSW
Therapist, Writer, Artist, Clairvoyant 

Your pain and trauma may have pulled you to the depths, but it is from that place that CREATIVITY and ART breathe NEW LIFE to your story....

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Meet Melinda

Since 2005 I have worn the title of therapist, counselor, social worker.  I love serving in these ways.  My clients develop a certain way of being that is based in ease, loving-kindness, and devotion to their highest good..  


I am a therapist who does her own work!

On the meditation cushion in silence for days,

facing my fears and flaws in therapy for years,

taking plant & animal medicines to learn, to expand

(both in ceremony, self-serving and now serving others)

Removing words like hurry & rush from my vocabulary, 

taking lots and lots of epsom salt baths,

writing,  painting,  singing,  digging in the dirt-  

all of these things are therapy.


As my nervous system has reached a calm and open set point, certain gifts that were once dormant in me have     u n f o l d e d . . .  

My work bends into metaphysical realms and sways with the ease of however YOU create. What lights you UP?

I carry heart-opening medicines (cacao, oracle cards, art, poetry and more)  My guides and yours whisper messages for your highest good.  They want you to know your truth, to live it and experience freedom! 

Do you have the courage to hear the truth from your soul's deepest longing?

Are you ready to take on therapy in a

totally NEW and UNIQUE way?

My Specializations

HEAL from your past, experience JOY in the present,

and CREATE the future you deserve.

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Anxiety & Depression

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