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the breath of a new year

This year I trained my eyes to gaze skyward,

saw dragons in cloud formations, the red belly of a hawk;

I made friends with crows, too (you should hear them talk!)

I spent an absurd amount of time in hot springs

and saltwater baths,

inviting my toes to turn to prunes,

contemplating whales and even the color blue...

I explored the void and decided it’s a wildly clever joke,

set edges of my world on fire-

the saboteur will gladly break what shall be broke!

My imagination is brighter than it was in my teens,

and here’s my notion of balance:

play and snuggle and indulge (by all means!)

A side of cacao with my greens, pretty please😋

I’m contemplative over expressive, a bit shy maybe as

my thoughts waaay outside the box,

But wonder walks my path,

even started painting (ART therapy!)

being more deer now than fox...

All my travels have brought me to me, my little one,

and she’s leading the charge,

time for my grown-one to sign the permission slip;

go ahead, brave one, live large!

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