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treasure hunt

Bookstore promises in whispers

made in my mind to all these stories

bound and stocked

silently sitting on A - Z shelves.

“I will find you, hidden treasure,

I will take you home and love you ”

my grateful prayer for things unseen,

dear sister-friend I have yet to meet;

my soul grumbles loudly like an empty belly.

No map except my senses

Intuition my North Star

I search out that precious page-turner of a jewel.

I am a hungry child playing

hide ’n’ seek

I- spy

and smiling

leafing through some junior fiction

not meant for me.


the section label

a lighthouse through the fog

I’m drawn in by the gentle command

white on black

a thin dark spine:

“the day is ready for you”

a hushed “yes!” is my reply.

My hand reaches for a

timid introduction.

Matted cover,

floral and soft

like sphinx cat skin

when gently pet

I hear words purr from within,

I feel the take-me-with-you tug

Open up, dead middle, random

it reads:

“close your eyes.

let fear control nothing.”

Brilliant stranger, new-old friend,

soft Saturday surprise

the way two souls can know each other

the way truth speaks louder than lies,

and yet, somehow softer, too, in this.

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